Monday, February 23, 2015

NZTC First Round Draw

Last evening NZTC Umpire Tim Joss did the First Round Draw on Twitter.

The Matchups are as follows:
  • Legion of Doom v DILF
  • Pete's Pot Luck v Stonefalls Massive
  • Bucketheads v Nice Team
  • Weekend Warriors v Artful Dodgers
  • Not Afraid To Use Comp v Grumpy Old Men
  • Shirts Off v Pants Off
Running alongside the event will be the inaugural von Trapp Invitational where the four members of the von Trapp team will play a round-robin versus each other, a two player a side game and finish it off with a Triumph & Treachery bout.

It should be a great weekend.


  1. Let the bodies hit the floor!

    - Adam Richards

  2. Why aren't the von Trapps competing in the main event?

  3. Withdrew so there was no bye....makes things too difficult