Monday, February 23, 2015

A Very Civil War

On Saturday (Robert) Higgins and I got down to some internecine warfare at the Warlords.

His rats were built around 4 blocks of Slaves 2x 20 and 2x 70 plus a big Clanrat block, an HPA and Plague Monks including a Priest and Furnace. My list was my NZTC list so more shooting, nowhere near as hitty.

All in all I believe there were around 400 rats on the table.

Well there the start.

By the end of Turn 3 the numbers had dropped to something approaching 150 - and this was with both of us avoiding taking "Plague".

The game effectively end in Turn 4 when I managed to get two "Scorch" and a Str 10 Warplightning hit directly on the Seer/Warlord Clanrat unit. Although he failed his "Look Out Sir" the Seer made the 4+ ward. unfortunately when he turned around he only had the BSB and Clanrat Champion with him.

Get Out Of My Burrow, Pretender!!!

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