Friday, February 6, 2015

End Times in Tournaments

I see the End Times as an exciting part of the Warhammer scene and I think that it provides a shake-up which is great for the game. But the problem comes when we start to talk about tournaments.

It is fair to say that some things in the End Times ratchet up the power level so that they is a strong possibility that non-ET armies can't compete. I've been thinking about what I would do to ensure as level playing field as possible.

There are a few obvious things I would do:
  • Exclude some of the uber characters eg. Malekith, Imrik, Nagash, KFA
  • Restrict Legions of Chaos to mono-God
  • Exclude the composite Elf lists
  • Allow the new units and lesser characters
  • Apply the broader Undead Legion rules to TKs
  • Allow Beastmen to take marks
  • Max. of three of any character choice e.g. 3 Skaven warlocks, 3 Scar-Vets, 3 DE Masters etc
This all assumes that characters in ET lists have access to their "home" Rulebook items. It also assumes Rulebook Magic.

There is still one book to come and that will necessitate further consideration.
The issue that definitely requires further discussion is the Lore of Undeath and I intend to devote a post to that tomorrow.

 Interested on thoughts on the broad suggestions above.


  1. I think this sounds pretty sensible Pete. Most people should have no issues with this.

  2. What's wrong with the combo elf lists if you disallow the uber special characters?

    Why allow the undead legion rules for tomb kings but not vampires?

    I don't think lore of undeath would be too bad if it's not used by Nagash or one of the other mortachs. being able to summon some undead chaff seems reasonable to me.

    the new skaven unit sounds pretty bad especially when you can have 5 armed with ratling guns and one digger. 15D6 shots is about 50 shots which would evaporate many units especially if its any kind of elite unit.

    1. The combined Elf list is far stronger than any other list esp if you limit Chaos to mono-god.

      The UL rules mean that the TKs can use existing book SC rather than the UL character e.g. AtB

      That Skaven unit is the total Rare allowance so no HPA, DW or WLC....

    2. That unit you mention John, is T4, with only a 6+ AS. Hardly as a durable as the HPA and DW the Skaven player would be changing them out for.

      Now I agree they put out a lot of hurt, but I'd argue that some concentrated bow fire and a magic missile or 2 would quickly neuter their effectiveness.

      And at 510 points of the rare section, the skaven army could only have 1 WLC.

    3. So this is after your 500 point unit has deep struck into position and then evaporated one of your units you can then maybe do something about it. Or you make one with the close combat weapon and use it to charge out of the tunnel.

      If the unit had to wander around the battle field with no protection then you might be able to counter it. But deep striking assassination teams sound about as much fun as Thoreks brand of heavy metal music in the previous Dwarf book.

    4. Or you just park a chaff unit on the token. The Stormfiends come up in combat with the chaff then you smash them next turn with all.your shooting or some better combat unit and claim a relatively easy 500VPs for the loss of 80-100 pts... there are multiple ways to deal with them, John.

      Seriously they are good but not that good that losing your entire Rare selection is worthwhile...

    5. And they're completely new. Lets give em a spin before we comp or ban em aye?


  3. As long as the Skaven unit is not allowed to deep-strike and then charge in the same turn they could work. It is a bit rough.

  4. Stormfiends only has LD 7 so it's a pretty vulnerable 250+ points.


  5. Won't somebody think of the poor downtrodden Goblins, oh and the Bretonnians.