Friday, February 20, 2015

Race-Specific Forum Populations

I was having a look at a few Warhammer race specific forums today and thought it was interesting to see the various "populations" in terms os membership numbers.

  • Druchii (Dark Elves) - 16.8k
  • Ulthuan (PEGs) - 15.6k
  • Herdstone (Beastmen) - 14.4k
  • Lustria Online (Skinks/Slaan) - 13.0k
  • Bugmans Brewery (Stunties) - 12.4k
  • Carpe Noctem (Vampire Counts) - 9.8k
  • Underempire (Skaven) - 8.0k
  • Chamber of the Everchosen (WoC) - 8.0k
  • Ogre Stronghold (OK) - 7.0k
  • Tomb Kings of Khemri (TK) - 3.6k
  • Daemonic Legions (DoC) - 3.4k
There was also Asrai (Wood Elves) but that seems to have died a death.

The numbers are quite interesting and I suspect are influenced by a number of things - popularity, longevity, general nature and helpfulness of the forum.

I was surprised by the numbers for the Herdstone which seems very popular despite no recent book and perceived general army popularity.

The only one that I generally frequent is The Underempire and that is infrequently. However I generally find them excellent from the hobby aspects especially conversions - as the populations are mostly enthusiasts.


  1. Hi Pete. You missed the Empire Forum: 11.3K
    I frequent many of these, mostly Druchii and Empire. occasionally Carpe Noctem and Bugmans. My son has taken over (little usurper !) my Ogres, so less often there. I don't actually subscribe to any, but lurk regularly. I'm sure many others do too.

  2. DaWarpath is a pretty popular Orc and goblin forum. 7.5k.

  3. Herdstone is a really nice friendly forum because there has never been an influx of hardcore WAACers and associated twats coming in and ruining the vibe as the book is so shit. :-)

  4. The Tomb Kings of Khemri used to be a populous site, but then Sleboda killed it...
    I liken him to Nagash

    1. i once played vs Sleboda (there can only be one right?) and it is not a tale I tell willingly (or sober). Nice enough guy in person, he really is, but sucks the fun out of anything and everything to do with wargaming.


  5. The Ogre Stronghold suffers from a lack of recent updates in terms of tutorials and playing guides. Bugmans is excellent . Ulthuan benefits from community based activities. What about roundtable of Bretonnia

  6. (Wood Elves) hasn't died a death, it's still in fine health. We suffered a crash a couple of days ago though and are still in the process of fixing it, so the site's down at the moment.

  7. The Round Table of Bretonnia 42.5k
    Which looks very high to me