Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hell Has Frozen Over.....

I own a Dwarf army.....albeit the far more honourable Hashut variety.

Since I got into Warhammer I have always like the old Assyrian Big Hat Chaos Dwarf models. I recently had the opportunity to pick up an army lot of that vintage and I received it yesterday.

Here's an army wide shot of what I picked up.

One Deathshrieker, one Hobgoblin bolt thrower, an Earthshaker (in bag) plus a hobgoblin khan on wolf (in blister).

Unit of 30 Blunderbuss including command.

Thirty Sneaky Gits with command

Two big units of Big Hats with Axe

A big unit of Bull Centaurs including two in blister.

A Lord on Bull Taurus and Sorceror on Lamasu.

These models are all early 90s vintage making them older than Tom!

Keen to pick up anymore from the era that people might have in their bits boxes or squirrelled away under the stairs. Just let me know.

It is indeed a cold day in Hell



  1. Was that the lot from down Chch?

  2. I was wondering that too, Tim. I think it sold at Warclouds for $350? Wonder what it got onsold for.

    And Chaos Dwarfs hate regular Dwarfs even more than Pete does, so i'm sure they'll get on splendidly.

    1. If I had looked at the trade table sooner I would have been walking away with it... $350 was a steel

  3. yep....came from the Frozen Southern Wastes.

  4. Surely the End Times are upon us. Peter owns a Dwarf.

    1. Even I own Dwarfs, its free ones running around without owners that are the problem.

  5. You going to paint them in traditional Dunn colours of green and purple or go with the vintage colour scheme of red and black?

  6. Good score! Very fond of those old miniatures.

  7. Managed to pick up another Deathshrieker, two Hobgoblin Khans on wolves and another character.

    Still keen on hobgoblins, Metal axemen etc