Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The von Trapp Invitational Trophy

Due to an odd number of teams at the NZTC the von Trapp Family stepped out to ensure that there was no bye.

Instead the members of the von Trapps will compete for the von Trapp Invitational Trophy. This comprises a round robin, a game of Doubles and a Triumph & Treachery game.

And what are they playing for?

Behold the von Trapp Invitational Trophy in all its glory!!!!!

Who will get their name on the trophy?

Tom Dunn von Trapp the 2012 Master and King of Final Transformation? Dan Butler von Trapp, two time ETC player and 2014 #1 Ranked Player? Peter Williamson von Trapp, second twice at the NZ Masters? Or Peter Dunn von Trapp, 2014 Master and #1 ranked player for 4 of the last six years?

It's going to be huge!


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