Friday, February 3, 2012

Follow FoB on Twitter

If you like the rants on the blog you can follow Charlie and myself on Twitter.

Charlie’s handle is @proximityNZ and mine is the rather imaginative @PeterDunnNZ

Jack is not on Twitter as I don't think he is as tech savvy as the rest of us.

I will warn you that on my Twitter feed you’ll get the occasional rant about how much I hate Manchester United and I’m not even going to apologise for some of the dross Charlie posts.


  1. Just a quick heads up, my handle is actually @proximityNZ , I'll get Pete to edit the above post.

    Also a warning, my account is quite explicit - but I'm sure that won't bother most of you.

  2. I do have a twiter account, but don't post (or tweet I suppose).

    I mainly use it for getting pictures of Dom Hook's rape eyes and various photos of genitalia from Caz. Sometimes I do wonder why...