Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fields Of Blood NZGT Earlybird Special Closing

The end of the month sees the end of Earlybird registration for Fields of Blood – The New Zealand Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament.

Tickets are $50 (AUD 40) up to 29th February after which they rise to $60 (AUD 50).

Already just on half the tickets have been sold, including to Australia and, would you believe it, Norfolk Island. I’m expecting the event to sell out in the coming months.

Obviously now is the best time to buy tickets if you want a discount. The Players Pack will be finalised this weekend ready for distribution. However all the salient details can be found here.

Moving the event to July means that it will be a last hurrah for 5th edition and will prevent that dead space you have where you get the new edition but tournaments still use the old (6th is due for release mid-July). It is also fair to say that it now appears likely that there will be only one Codex release before the event (smart money says Dark Angels) so you can plan your army with some certainty.

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  1. Norfolk Island? Thats freakin' crazy... Well promoted there Pete!