Friday, February 17, 2012

Homecon II Predictions

This weekend I am running HomeCon II at my place. It will be a fourteen man five round tournament using the SCGT comp restrictions.

Managed to attract a strong field of locals who'll be blowing out the cobwebs ahead of Runefang V. I was asked yesterday to give some predictions on the outcome.

David Appleby (Skaven) - This is Dave's first local tournament so he is a little bit of a dark horse. Personally I've never played him but I will make some acute observations. First, he's Scottish. Second, he's ginger. The last time anyone ginger won anything was when Boris Becker and Jim Courier were playing tennis i.e. not this millenium. I'm not sure if anyone Scottish has ever won anything.

Glen Burfield (Vampires) - If you thought Scotland was bad then you haven't been to Levin. The only thing to come out of Levin is the NZ Warriors only fit prop Russell Packer. glen is primarily a 40k player who dabbles in Fantasy. This weekend he is using the new Vampire Counts. As such he has novelty value.

Joe Dixon (Wood Elves) - Back from his round the world jaunt, this NZ ETC member has relocated to Wellington. Joe has picked up Wood Elves and will be trying to catch people with the Moonstone/Dwellers combo. The only certain thing is that I will play Joe.....and it will be 10-10.

Jack Dunn (Tomb Kings) - Current NZ 40k. jack is a sleeper though. The last year he played Fantasy (2010) he finished #2 in the rankings. He was using Dark Elves. News flash....Tomb Kings aren't Dark Elves. Already getting the whinging "You should have painted another 20 archers, why do you only have 4 Knights....."

Tom Dunn (Daemons) - I think Tom has put together the best list that is super quick and hits hard. He has dropped Siren Song which means the Daemonettes are gone. However that frees up the choice of Light rather than Shadow and I think that could be a masterstroke. He will be taking names.

Pete Dunn (Ogres) - Too old, too slow.

Hagen Kerr (Lizards) - Hagen has resisted the urge to try and re-invent the wheel and has taken a tried and tested Lizard build. Coming off a very light build up, he'll be incredibly slow, the question is whether he will ever see Turn 4.

Mal Patel (Lizards) - NZ's #1 and current ETC player, Mal is fresh from chump-bashing at the Warclouds Doubles in Christchurch. Well Toto, this isn't Kansas!

Locky Reid (Empire) - Mal's partner in crime, Locky has scoured the net trying to find the strongest list he can field. Borrowing an Empire army, he has done that. As Alan Hansen once said "If he doesn't win this he should shoot himself". Seriously Locky, if you don't finish Top 3 questions will be asked.

Joel van de Ven-Long (High Elves) - And not just High Elves but MSU HE. I am very keen to see how these play out. I can see the theory but not sure how successful it will be. Fascinating list.

Ben Wadsworth (Orcs & Goblins) - Ben had a dream. One day there would be a comp system that let him take 2 each of Lobbers, Doom Divers, Manglers and Pump Wagon. "Well Cinders you will go to the ball". Fresh from exposing all his tricks to me in his last outing at Chez Dunn, we'll see if his dream becomes reality.

Sam Whitt (Orcs & Goblins) - Sam has dropped his 80 man Night Goblin archer unit for a more conventional list. I think this is a good move as the unit with attached characters was too many points for its killing power. It can work but then so did the Ford Edsel. Both the O&G armies are going to cause the rest of the participants problems, I'm picking sam to finish above Ben for two reasons. Firstly to put pressure on Sam and secondly to annoy Ben!

Neil Williamson (Bretonnians) - I promise to alert the world by Twitter should Neil play hagen. It is likely that time will stand still and maybe even regress. Neil is bringing his Brets and has passed on the chance to run a second Treb. i think that is a mistake. But then I think Brets are a mistake :-)

Tane Woodley (Dwarfs) - Local Green Party candidate Tane - I'm not sure his Dwarfs agree with the no mining stance - is like his party, a spoiler. His (Their) only role is to ruin it for everybody else. Three spellbreakers, items stealing 4 of your Power Dice, Tane isn't sure that he has enough Magic Defense. No worries, he backs it up with 5 warmachines. His enjoyment will come from the look of utter disappointment on his opponents' faces as they walk to the table. Just joking Tane.


1. Locky
2. Sam
3. Mal
4. Tom


  1. You're only as good as your last result...

    Speaking of which, I had a lot of fun at the last Homecon ;)

    1. Hehe, looking forward to the results, such resplendant attendees!

    2. 2nd....Wow no pressure there..Thanks Pete ;)

  2. lol, ive got plenty more sneaky schemes for you pete


  3. The biggest work of fiction & slander I have seen in writing in recent years! :)

    This will in fact be my second local tournament after Vermintide (and my 2nd in my life).

    It's a tough field for me and I'll be happy if I can manage a mid table result to be honest, still in the learning stages and some armies I haven't even played against yet or haven't in about 4 editions anyway (Dwarfs, Daemons, Brets, Lizardman & TK I'm looking at you!).

    P.S. I'm not Scottish or Ginger ;)

  4. Didn't say it so it's not slander. Libel, maybe!

    And to be fair Dave that's what all Scottish and Gingers say. Where do you think the term "strawberry blond" came from? Invented in a Glasgow Day Spa

  5. Fair point, Libel it is! We'll have to save the slander until tomorrow :)

    It's the accent, for some reason it always throws people off. I had an Irish temp housekeeper working for me the other week and she thought I was Irish for some reason?

    No idea why everyone always gets it wrong, but it was suggested I only won Best Sport & Best Newcomer at Vermintide as people couldn't understand what I was calling them, so they just assumed it was complimentary ;)

  6. 3rd, always the bridesmaid never the bride...

    Pete, I didn't chump bash at warclouds i left that to locky, I actually tried to help out opponents.