Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Runefang V - Racial Profiling

Peter Williamson has sent through the breakdown of races for this weekend’s Runefang V. At present there are 27 participants for the event.

Here is the breakdown:

5 – Skaven

4 – Dwarfs

3 – Warriors of Chaos, Lizardmen

2 – Vampires, Bretonnians, Empire, High Elves

1 – Daemons of Chaos, Orcs & Goblins, Dark Elves, Beastmen

No love for the Wood Elves, Tomb Kings, Ogres or Chaos Dwarfs.

Peter is sending through a spreadsheet with the lists which I’ll post later this evening.


  1. Boo too many Skaven - Yah lots of Dwarfs!!! Pity about Tomb Kings was looking forward to playing the new army.

    1. Seems to be a Wellington infestation of rats! I've seen one Skaven army in any of the Hamilton events, and the only time I ever played them in tournies all last year was Pete's at Masters... what is it with you Capitalists?

  2. Skaven - Locky, Dan Butler, Dave Appleby, James Millington and yours truly

    Dwarfs - all out of towners bar Matt Hassall

    Locally Dwarfs have been all but erradicated.

  3. so couldnt fit the double blaster in the comp eh pete?
    back to the rats for you hmm.
    seems like the troll king lives in a glass house lol


  4. As I said "Dwarfs grumble, Orcs squabble and.....the Master Race schemes!"

  5. if I could have convinced she whom is to be feared that a weekend in wellington, the weekend after I visited for a family event, with all associated expenses was a 'good thing' then one more OnG would be there.... sorry my Equinox team mates.... ;)

  6. Dwarves haven't been eradicated, quite the opposite: we're breeding.

    Expect a new Dwarf player in about two weeks. He might have a weak grasp on the game at first, but it won't be much worse than mine.

    As for the Master Race, I'll believe it's Skaven when they stop dying of myxamatosis in lab tests.

  7. Thats just what they want you to think while clan pestilens works on spreading it to humans & stunties :)

    Surprised there's no Ogre's and it's a shame there's going to be so much ratty competition, Skaven don't like a fair fight!

  8. Can't wait to beat up on all those Rat Ogres and Jezzails in those Skaven lists.........;)

  9. If I was allowed to have a second doomwheel I would have taken a very SAD list, including many jezzails and globadiers. But comp says I can't, so I'm forced to take an abomination instead. And a furnace.

    *sigh* oh well ;)

    Ratty Jim

  10. Sneaky Skaven are very happy with the number of people who took Lore of Metal