Thursday, February 2, 2012

The White Dwarf Teaser

In recent days there have been a few stories floating around various forums around the 40k release schedule. One of the recent “oracles” of rumours has admitted that he made much of his information up. As he was the prime source of information regarding new Tau, new Black Templars and even Codex Hrud, it appears that these “releases” may not be as real as people thought. He was discredited with the release of the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle codex which he had insisted would be full codex release (a la Necrons) accompanied by plastic minis.

So where does this leave 40k releases?

The current favourite for next codex is Dark Angels – one of the big four Space Marine variants. Some of the weight is coming from rumours and the rest from the teaser provided by White Dwarf. If you haven’t noticed the spine of 2012 issues have a picture printed on them which are continuous when viewed side on. Over the year this will build full photograph, reflecting the 2012 release.

The forensic scientists assigned to deciphering this puzzle are indicating that they can see Cypher locked in the picture. This they contend suggests we have a Dark Angel release on the way. To be honest I can’t see a thing – but as Charlie will tell you, I’m as blind as a badger.

Whether they are right or wrong we should know no further than four weeks away. With Vampires in January and the re-launch of war of the Ring in February you’d be betting that March will see a 40k release. Whether this will be a new codex or a second wave (possibly Nids) will be interesting to see.


  1. Its definitely not Cypher unless they have completely redone him. Cypher is gunslinger and doesn't have cables running to his right hand (which is presumably for a Plasmagun/Cannon). He also has wings on his backpack. Its still decent odds that its a Dark Angel or possibly a Templar though since its definitely wearing a robe.

    I've seen a few rumours from more trustworthy sources (i.e guys who have been around for ages who give fairly reliable minor info) which suggest Dark Angels vs Chaos Marines/Traitor Guard in the starter set for 6th, which links in with this teaser pretty well. It would be cool if we get the first 6 White Dwarfs forming the Loyalist Marine then then next 6 forming a Chaos Marine. As far as codex releases go I can certainly buy Chaos arriving later in the year following/together with 6th, but I'm a tad more skeptical for Dark Angels since Tau, Templars and possible even Eldar need it more post FAQ update.

  2. The picture on the spine is the build up to 6th edition 40k release. Nothing else makes sense. Why would the have a build up of 6 months (the picture on the spine suggests only a small part of the complete picture) for a codex release when 6th edition box set is dur june/july, funily enough 6 months into this year.
    Aparent 6th edition box set rumoured to be Chaos vs Marines, with chaos being made up of CSM and cultist/traitors with a plastic chaos dread, and marines rumoured to be Dark Angels.
    My bet 40k 6th books will be Vanilla marines followed by CSM as first releases