Monday, February 13, 2012

OTT 2012 - Round 2, Killbots vs Killbots!

Round 2

Opponent: David Foster – Necrons

Mission: 5 objective Seize Ground – Spearhead

Points Value: 1000

David had:

Necron Lord on Command Barge, 3 Heralds of Destruction with 1 solar pulse, 6 Warriors, 6 Immortals with Gauss Blasters, 1 Ghost Ark, 4 Scarabs, 4 Scarabs, 2 Tomb Spiders, 2 Annihilation Barges.

I had: The same as the last 1000 point round… obviously!

Again I won the roll to go first and up I set in a fairly tight block in the middle, scarabs and wraiths out front. I would need to maintain these as a wall between me and Daves Scarabs.

Dave set up across from me with the scarabs and spiders across from my wraiths, while the ghost ark and immortals sat further to his rear with the crypteks nearby.

In my first turn I pushed the wraiths up enough to bait out Daves scarabs. From what I had gathered from him so far I felt like he was over confident in their abilities and may be tempted into a charge that wouldn’t be wise for them, so sat them about 20 inches away from his frontal scarab unit. Due to Dave instigating Night Fight and sitting a little further back, the rest of my shooting did very little, and with that it went to Daves turn.

In Daves first turn, he took said bait hook line and sinker, the spiders buffed the unit to 6 strong and in it went, bouncing completely, getting wiped out, and slingshotting my wraiths forward with a consolidate in the process.

Daves lord tried to whittle the wraiths with a sweep attack, but failed to make it through the invulnerable saves. The rest of Daves shooting also did very little, on account of me making it night fight.

In my second turn, I had a chance to pretty much end the game right there and then, but it was refusing to be quite so simple. My wraiths with their big boost went off and multicharged the other scarab unit, the tomb spiders, and both annihilation barges that had only moved 6. My lord pushed up further on his flank, hopped out and assaulted his Immortals, while my scarabs charged his command barge. The rest of my shooting tried to immobilise his command barge to help my scarabs but alas it all bounced off.

The scarabs then totally failed to scratch the barge, and while the wraiths destroyed the scarabs and spiders, their s6 bounced off the av11 rear of the Annihilation Barges. Meanwhile my lord only killed one immortal and floundered a little.

In Daves second turn he decided his losses were now too great, and moved towards trying to draw the game, by way of eliminating my troops. His lord sweep attacked one squad, killing a couple, before hopping out and assaulting a different squad. Both Annihilation Barges finished the swept squad off, while the rest of his shooting mostly bounced off the wraiths, only killing 1. Both our lords had a shocker though, and only killed 1 cron each.

In my third turn the wraiths ran off and multicharged to help out my lord, and also kill his warrior squad and have a crack at the ghost ark too. The scarabs went for one of Daves Annihilation Barges and blew it up, while the rest of my shooting immobilised his command barge so that after finishing me off, a low run wouldn’t see Dave hopping back in and scurrying away.

In the assault, Dave finished off my warriors, but fortunately only consolidated 1 inch, meaning he would be several inches shy of my last remaining squad. My own lord however was freed up, as although the wraiths bounced off the ghost ark, both Daves troop choices were wiped out.

In Daves third turn, the lord moved as quickly towards my remaining squad as he could, hoping to live another turn. Meanwhile the remaining ghost ark, crypteks and annihilation barge shot everything at my remaining warrior squad, who promptly went to ground and lost no casualties after reanimation protocols.

In my fourth turn, things finally started to mop up. The wraiths went and killed the remaining Annihilation Barge. My lord went and punched the Ghost Ark out of the sky, killing a cryptek on board in the blast, and the scarabs went and killed his command barge. More importantly however, my Annihilation Barges turned around and WTFPWN’d Daves lord right out of this plane of existence, who thankfully did NOT get back up!

In Daves fourth turn he now just had 2 crypteks left, who failed to kill my warriors who again, elected to go to ground and cower.

In the 5th, the remaining crypteks are eaten and Dave is tabled for a win.

While the primary for this was won 1-0, the secondary mission was simply to kill a troop unit. As Dave had killed one of my warrior units, he achieved this, as had I, so we drew this one for 2 points. I then received all other bonus points except the one for holding 2 objectives at once. We worked out I could only stretch out and pull this off if the game went to turn 7 – and it didn’t. This left me on 16 points to Daves 2.

Given I had used Daves template he so thoughtfully mailed out to everyone as the basis for originally mocking his army, but then writing my own, I was glad to win this one. A 4 instead of a 1 for his consolidation and I would have been sweating it much closer to a draw, if I didn’t manage to finish off with a tabling. Ultimately this game came down to a show down between Scarabs and Wraiths… I’m always going to back the Wraiths in that fight!


  1. You've described it pretty accurately. Hindsight would allow me to bypass the wraiths and get amongst your troops even sooner,. maybe just maybe encouraging you to back track.

    I used my "best painted" bonus to buy the beginnings of my shiny new WRAITH SQUAD!!

  2. Foster... how the hell do you let him multicharge a Scarab Unit, Tomb Spyders and 2 Annihilation Barges??? I swear people come up against Charlie and just turn into muppets ;)