Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Days of Dark Eldar - Day 1

Off to a slow start yesterday really.  I stuck together my Raider and Ravager and worked on finishing up some of the parts to go on those.  Still need to do the crew.

I played around a bit with the airbrush and my bases.  Not happy with the colour, so I'll have another try tonight.

And lastly I started filling out my Battlefoam.  I've made a foam insert for each of the vehicles so that it sits in the case raised on that, rather than on the bottom.  This stops them rocking, and also stops the fragile spikes and chains on the bottom from breaking.


  1. Hey Jack,

    Very cool, should get heaps done.

    How are you cutting the foam? or is it precut by battlefoam??

  2. I'm just mutilating the inserts that came with the trays. You can see one in the Venom tray in the top-centre. Using scissors, craft knife and razor saw to get them fitting right.

  3. Ahh, gotcha.
    Did you use that 'design your own' tray feature or are they stock standard DE cutouts?

  4. The vehicle ones are all custom, and the troops are standard. The main reason for getting the vehicle ones as customs was so that I could choose the height and put in slots for the flight stands. The standard BF raider tray is much the same as mine, but is 6" tall since they expect you to have the sail and flying base attached. I don't, so mine is only 3.5" tall, and I get 2 more trays in the case (which takes 12" total)

  5. Yeah that's an easy place to get caught out with Battlefoam. Most of their vehicle/MC trays are designed to be big enough to fit unaltered models, so if you normally remove turrets/other components they are actually taller than they need to be most of the time. I got my Wave Serpent/Falcon trays made 'custom' but it was basically just their standard Eldar skimmer tray with .5" cut off the top. It doesn't seem like much, but when you have 4 of them it gets you another two layers of infantry (i.e I can fit the whole army in rather than just vehicles). There is no downside to this either since it costs the same either way.