Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mythbusters - The Ogre Edition

The Ogres continued their ongoing war with Mike King’s Lizardmen last evening. This battle confirmed a number of tightly held beliefs.

The first of these was “newly painted model syndrome”. Last night saw the debut of my Forgeworld Wolfrats as Sabretusks. Freshly painted and on their beautifully landscaped bases, one died to Mike’s first shots of the game. In the throes this panicked its mate who exited the board at my base edge. The other lasted longer until he fled a Skrox unit, followed by two failures to rally. On Turn 5 he did rally and bravely (but ultimately to no end) charged a skink unit in Turn 6.

I contrast this with my proxy Sabretusks – Nurgle Chaos Hounds. In the last game one bravely drew a Magic Missile from the Toad on Turn One, causing him to be sucked into the Warp.

As the guys on Mythbusters say: Credible

The second myth is that Ninjas are better than Pirates. I can confirm that they are both bloody useless! Two Maneaters – a Ninja and a Pirate charge the flank of a Salamander unit. The Pirate decides to die from the four attacks he receives. The Ninja with his 5 Strength 5 attacks inflicts one wound. Luckily he holds. In the second round the Ninja takes two wounds but then with his next round of attacks fails to roll higher than a “2” to hit. He goes down in the third round – I’d like to say swinging – in fact that’s all he was doing!

So is a Ninja better than a Pirate? – Who Cares! Next time it will be a Paymaster and the Bearded Lady.

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