Monday, February 20, 2012

HomeCon II Results & Comp

Over the weekend we had HomeCon II at my place. Fourteen gamers playing five rounds over two days (and two BBQs).

We used the SCGT comp rules – with the exception of no Special Characters – and the general consensus was they worked well. We also used five rulebook scenarios (dropped Watchtower) and played the game as per the rulebook (except no reform into buildings). The results were as follows:

1. Pete Dunn (Ogres)
2. Tom Dunn (Daemons)
3. Locky Reid (Empire)
4. Mal Patel (Lizards)
5. Dave Appleby (Skaven)
6. Sam Whitt (Orcs & Goblins)
7. Ben Wadsworth (Orcs & Goblins)
8. Hagen Kerr (Lizards)
9. Jack Dunn (Tomb Kings)
10. Tane Woodley (Dwarfs)
11. Neil Williamson (Brets)
12. Glen Burfield (Vamps)
13. Joel van de Ven-Long (High Elves)
14. Joe Dixon (Wood Elves)

Two players went through undefeated – Tom and Locky – but both had two draws. To give an idea of how close the field was Neil was on Table 1 in Round 4 but lost his last two rounds to drop away. Best Day Two was Tom with 34 points.

Comment on the Comp System

After the event one of the participants – Tane or Joel I think – asked what the general consensus on the comp system was. There was universal support/preference for this type of comp system – hard caps, less restrictive – as people wanted freedom of choice in their list make-up. The most attractive part is that they have some degree of certainty over their build without having to negotiate the minefield of peer or panel comp, or a restriction system overlaid by a TO’s veto.

I still believe that you need to have checks and balances designed to stop the most egregious builds and have come around to the view that these restrictions can be targeted rather than universal.

The New Zealand Scene

What is interesting is that there seem to be developing geographical differences in comp systems in New Zealand. These are at least in part a reflection of the more prolific TOs own views. However the southern North Island (and possibly the South Island) has a more relaxed view on comp, preferring minimal restrictions. This view reflects the prevalent view of the 40k community in relation to their game. The northern North Island, particularly Auckland, seeks to ensure balance by using restrictions to try and level the playing field. This balancing then appears to extend to changing core rules such as magic effects and line of sight.

Personally I don’t have a problem with whatever a TO comes up with as long as the parameters/system is clearly advertised well in advance and doesn’t change after they’ve taken your money and you’ve booked your travel. I have a preference and with multiple events on offer I’ll vote with my feet.

What can be annoying is when people who have no intention of playing in the events and/or have left for another system try and influence the setup of tournaments that I am looking to attend. This is usually done through a forum and these days involves applauding increasing restrictions while they are playing a game where there are no restrictions. I’m not sure why they care what we play?


  1. I am 100% in the camp of Hard caps like the ones that were used at Home-Con. I just like the fact you can pretty much build the army you want. What was the reasoning behind still banning the Special Characters? I think some of them open up armies for even more varied builds that aren't overly more powerful....Thorek, Teclis and the Mask are probably the only 3 you would need to ban I would think?

  2. Skulltaker, Khalida, Blue Scribes....

  3. Haha - cheers Pete, this made me chuckle. The SCGT comp looks the business - glad the event went well. Looks like Joe's found a big challenge trying to make the Woodies work though :/

    1. The woodie list suffered from being written for a specific role in an ETC event vs armies that did not. The elves coming last and 2nd to last in no way represents the viability of their armies under this comp. The Woodies were written for another comp system and my high elves were written to see if extreme MSU works at larger point levels in an event full of very good players (it does not!), and also due to what I had painted to a table top standard!

      I fully support this comp system becoming a "standard". My only real suggested change would be to allow Dwarfs a few more dispel dice in exchange for a cap on the number of scroll rune thingies they can take!

      Also taking a page out of the ETC comp and allowing high elves more points on the table would be cool too...

    2. As Elvis Costello once sung "My Aim is True" :-)

      Sounds liker FluffyCon was really good. Spoke to Mike and Raymond today...said it was a real challenge. Reid did good job balancing it....but really Phil? A Hellcannon at super Fluffycon? Really?

  4. Hi Pete,

    Just to add my two cents, please don't misconstrue any heckling of our fellows for their dramas that the Warmachine crowd may indulge in as sticky fingers in the organisation of Warhammer. We are just a bunch of malcontents who enjoy a good subtle stab in the ribs. Good thing we have such great community leaders up here who are experts at the real deal.

    Can I come play Warhammer with you?

  5. "Theres a Joe Dixon on the bottom, tra la la la la, there's Joe Dixon on the bottom TRA LA LA LA LA"