Thursday, February 16, 2012

So What's It Going To Be?

Typically it is this time each month that we get the leaked pictures from the upcoming of issue of White Dwarf. This gives us the first glimpse of the next month's releases.

So March is supposedly a 40k month - Necrons (November), Mix (December), Vampires (January) and WOTR (February) - and there are two schools of thought on what we are going to get.

The first is that it is a "fill-in" month where we get "Second Wave" releases - in this case, Necrons and Tyranids. This is certainty plausible as both codexes have model gaps.

The more exciting (only if you are a follower of the Corpse-god, especially one with a guilty secret) is that we get Dark Angels. Now my level of interest in armies from the Rock (what's left of Calibran) is pretty much nil, especially because I actually read "Descent of Angels" - a piece of drivel by Michael Scanlon masquerading as a Horus Heresy novel. To me the First Legion are pretty much Dull on Foot, Dull on Bikes and Dull with 2+ Save.

However - stay with me - this release if it occurs may have a saving grace. More than anything prior it should have been written with 6th Edition in mind. So any new codex will probably give us a better idea of the veracity of the "leaked 6th Edition rules" of the past couple of months.

Further than that, does the 40k universe really need more Space Marines in robes?

Anyway we should know more come Monday.


  1. Squats maybe . . . .

  2. We always need more Space Marines, especially Dark Angels. The Dark Angels are da bomb! (to borrow an expression from the Orks)

    I would just hope that when they are redone, so that more than just the Deathwing list will be competitive in tournament play. I have quite a number of Dark Angels tactical squads lying around waiting to become useful again.

    Though I would rather they redid some of the other codex's first like Tau or Chaos or even the black templars.

    1. Tau would be nice, I'm sick of seeing marines on the table with a shiny new codex! Time to fight for the greater good!!

  3. It's outraging.

    We need Dark angels more than those drinking blood marines and howling ones.