Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Days of Dark Eldar - Intro

After my not-so-successful foray into Tomb Kings over the weekend at Homecon II (which I will probably write about next week), I am turning my attention this week back to the Dark Eldar.  I have the week off before uni starts again next week, and so I'm going to go on a hobby binge with these guys.  Each morning I'll post an update on the previous day's efforts, which should help to keep me enthused.

Some of the things I am planning to do over the week:

  • Put together and finish a raider and ravager that are painted, but in pieces at the moment.
  • Airbrush the remaining vehicle hulls that I have unpainted.
  • Paint/airbrush the resin bases I have for the army.
  • Try my hand at designing and printing my own transfers to go on the raider sails.
  • Tidy up my shiny new Battlefoam case and get everything in there fitting nice and snug.
  • Get started on two more raiders
Stay tuned for the first update tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Curious as to how you go with the transfers for the sail.
    My prediction: Abject failure, with the process only working in our heads, followed by abandonment and cursing as you do a metric asstonne of freehand.

    Hope I'm wrong!