Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Modern Day Conundrum

What takes longer the conception, gestation and birth of a human or getting two boxes of Wracks?

Nine months ago just before the Games Workshop embargo on the rest of the world, I ordered two boxes of Dark Eldar Wracks and a Haemoculous for Jack from Maelstrom Games.

And we waited. And waited. And waited.

Despite assurances whenever we contacted Maelstrom they cited supply problems and indicated that they would soon be with us.

Just before Xmas they sent out the Finecast Haemoculous (suitably pitted and bent in keeping with Finecast QA). Hooray! Six and one half months.

Since then we have been waiting for the Wracks and nine months has just passed since we ordered. Maelstrom have indicated GW have limited weekly supply to them but I struggle to believe that they had so many orders for Wracks that after 39 weeks we haven’t reached the top of the list.

Certainly I could ask for a refund but I’m pretty stubborn and I’m interested in how long it can go without us getting to the stage where the order is honoured.


  1. I would ask for a something for the wait. I got annoyed with there slow shipping when i ordered 6 battle forces and they never showed that took 3 months. They said they where shipped and i never got them. So they said they resent them and i got them a week later dodgy.

  2. My group found this to be a large problem with maelstrom games in the past, which everyone was happy to overlook due to the free shipping and overseas prices. But i was never a fan of the system they used to ship down here. It seems they hold the product until they have a bunch being shipped to the sameish area then send it all in around the same time. We have had separate orders, weeks apart arrive on the same day to 3 people. Its just being lazy and probably cause they don't really give a shit about this end of the world now that their business from us has decreased.

  3. I gave up on waiting for stuff from Maelstrom so I cancelled the order, and bought some of the stuff locally. I then went back and ordered some alternative wracks from Maelstrom and they took a couple of weeks to come in.

  4. Seems strange to me I've ordered a lot of stuff off Maelstrom and except for a few items which were listed as 'not in stock' on their webpage have never had to wait more than a couple of weeks.

    You have far more patience than me Pete - although I would have most likely forgotten about the order

  5. Never had any issue with deliveries from them either. I did receive one order that had pieces missing, but this was replaced with no issues or questions asked.

  6. So after another follow up email, Maelstrom have said they will be sent Tuesday