Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Does it do Mindrazor?

Homecon II is coming up in a couple of weeks, and just like the Empire last time, I'm thinking of trying out a new army for the event. The only army of Dad's that really caught my attention of the ones I hadn't used before was the Tomb Kings, so I figured why not, let's give it a go.

Now, some reading would suggest the Tomb Kings are much maligned by the Internet Tough Guys (TM) on TWF and elsewhere, and are apparently a shadow of their former self.  Off to a good start then.  At Homecon, we are playing under SCGT Comp v2, so the strength of the armies will probably bit towards the high end of what we see in NZ.  Nothing better than a trial by fire to learn a new army!

Dad's posted pics of the bit's and pieces of his TKs that he's painted up since the book came out, but ideally he'd have painted a bit more for me ;).  There are only four Necro Knights, two Sphinxes, and only 60 archers.  That last complaint seems a bit ridiculous, even to me, but under SCGT, they are allowed up to 90 archers, and from what I've heard, archers are quite good.

There are quite a few unique list ideas out there at the moment.  Obviously there is the Khalida filth, but SCGT goes some way to restrict that.  One build that really caught my eye was the idea of using Ramotep, who is the Necrotect special character.  He gives Frenzy and Hatred to his Tomb Guard Horde, and gives re-roll saves to a big unit of Necro Knights.  Coupled with a bit of Light magic and you have some serious combat power!  Only having 4 snakes is a bit of a barrier to that though.

Basically, I'm going to try out a 'standard' list and see how it goes.  I'm still figuring out a couple of options, but all of the usual suspects will be present:
  • 60 Archers
  • 4 Necro Knights
  • 2 Warsphinxes
  • 2 Catapults
  • Casket
At this stage, it looks like a Heirotitan and a couple of Level 4s (Nehekara and Light) will be joining them, but I'm still tossing up a couple of things.  I'll put up the full list tomorrow.

I'm really looking forward to giving these guys a run out and seeing what they can do.  I am under no illusions; I expect to get smashed and be making up the numbers on the bottom tables, but it should be a great deal of fun!  
It will also be my first time without Mindrazor in almost a year.  I'm just a terrible person on the inside...


  1. NMRNC

    Fully expecting you to turn water into scotch with this one..

  2. If you want terrible, Tom has the best list:

    2x Khorne heralds, one with Icon of Despair
    Tz herald with light

    28 Bloodletters
    30 Bloodletters
    29 Horrors
    3x 5 Furies

    2x 1 Bloodcrusher Champ
    2x 1 Fiend
    2x 3 Flamers

    Truly evil list

  3. Needs more Siren Song... :D

    Jack, I'm pretty sure you just throw 6 Dice at the casket every turn, while shoving 60 pt archer units in the way and you can't go too far wrong...


  4. I think Tom has found that the problem with Siren Song is that you have to take Shadow to get Mindrazor for the nettes.

    however the rest of the shadow deck isn't as good for the Daemons as say Light for instance

  5. Shadow only really works well with thte Daemons if you take a GUO with L4 as there are some great synergies between the Nurgle and Shadow lists.