Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Warhammer Release Schedule

Drums are beating loudly.

Empire next, followed by Warriors of Chaos.

Sure we'll hear grumbling from the Dwarf players saying we need Monstrous Cavalry, Large Monster etc.

As if they'd know what to do with them anyway. The grumbling is just a screen....they are secretly delighted that they keep their 6th Ed Grudgethrowers, multiple Spellbreakers, multi-shot Steam Cannon (not that many dare to use a flyer anyway) etc


  1. I'm glad if it turns out that Dwarves will be delayed, it gives me a few extra months to paint my army for that 8,000 pt 'Last Hurrah' game I mentioned to you. Where did you hear the rumours?

    And while I'll miss the auto-hit Organ Gun, multiple spellbreakers, extra DD and other goodness, I'll be overjoyed if they improve a few key areas. I reckon Dwarves are too weak in the combat phase to compensate for no magic and poor movement, leading to an over-reliance on shooting, so something there would be useful. Some sort of Runelore would be good, because the inability to affect critical combats with hexes/buffs is a killer at the moment. And some means of affecting the movement phase that doesn't rely on a 300+ pt Anvil (which explodes every now and then) would be very nice too. I'm happy for GW to taketh, as long as they giveth too...

    Regarding the Warriors book, anyone contemplating this army should go to the Avatars of War website, to see their new Chaos Warriors regiment. A damn sight cheaper than the GW box in $NZ, and better too in my opinion. And the Perry Miniatures War of the Roses infantry look like a good substitute for Empire State Troops (even if they are lacking in the feather and codpiece department. At least they all have shoes).



  2. Glad to hook you Tane. I was worried I wasn't getting any nibbles from the usual fish.

    Jack found info on dakka over the weekend.

    Oh and by the way have decided that Dwarfen Bear Riders are definitely ghey.

  3. Well I'd hate to disappoint you, all that effort for no return. If I do get to take Dwarf Bear Riders, I'll give them pink trim with sparkles, maybe call them 'Pete's Pugnaciaous Pygmy Polarbear Regt', in your honour..... Noone will care that they're ghey if they get to wreck face either.

    Anyway, who are you to be calling anything 'Ghey'? To paraphrase my friend Pete Dunn, "You're nearly 50, you're too old to be down with the homies!"


  4. Cool. While I am waiting for the dwarf book to paint my Scibor Dwarf army, this gives me time to update my Tomb Kings, Vamps and Orcs to their current books... I also get to get my Chaos Dwarves up and running with the new list.
    Hey Pete what do you think of the new list? Should it be included in tournies? What do you reckon?

  5. I'm over the moon WoC are getting done befor Dwarfs.I'v just pre ordered 2 boxes of Apoc warriors from AoW inmind for starting another warriors army at the end of this year


  6. Honestly I believe that the dwarfs are still very competetive, even with their old rules. The short warriors are really are bann monster. Automatic channeling of Runesmith, Runemaster, and Anvil of Doom, multiple dispel runes, a bonus of 2 for every dispel attempt - In the games in our community, it is not a problem at all for the dwarfs to keep the foe´s magic at bay.
    And if we look on shooting and HtH, this is the classical field of the dwarfs.
    Just last weekend saw the new monster Ghorgon of the Beastmen slaughtered by a tough unit of ironbreakers.

    But I would really looking forward to a new Dwarf Book as well, guessing thatthey will get a kind of tank or armoured airship like the zeppelin in the 8th Edition rulebook.

  7. I would rather see dwarfs on a mountain goat/doll sheep cross with some sort of impact damage simular to chariot hits. That should be their monster cavalry.

  8. An air ship would be nice with a stealth ability dropping off up to 10 rangers on the enemies flank. That would be amazing.

  9. Bretonnians in the lance will be devastating with the special formation causing impact hits like a chariot, and a new war machine type weapon with a siege tower or wagon pulled or driven inside with some tpe special ability or unit

  10. New army book for friendly forces with border princes will be great or the Asian influence with units that carry a magic type instead of a character with the unit only able to cast one spell specific I think that would change the whole dynamic of the game as well. So you special unit would carry specific weapon with specific spell and the values change for each level they go up or down. A new allied army though is really needed.