Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear Games Workshop....Don't Stuff It Up!

I’ve been a bit vocal in the past about the turd that is Gav Thorpe’s Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Last week while eating pizza after Day One of HomeCon I was asked what I wanted to see in the new codex to be released later in the year.

Well first and foremost I don’t really care about playing strength (to a point). For me it can be pitched towards the high end – currently populated by the Grey Knights and Wolves – or the lower end – Tyranids, Sisters and Eldar. What I would hate it to be is at the very apex of the food chain attracting the great unwashed – I like a little bit of exclusivity!

The thing that really matters to me is diversity and the ability to tailor the list to reflect specific Legions. I want to be able to make an Emperor’s Children force, a Deathguard force, an Iron Warriors army etc.

So how would I like to see that achieved?

Given GW’s current Special Character hard-on, I’m guessing it will need to be through named characters for each Legion. I hope that in unlocking certain options e.g. Noise Terminators and Noise Bikers they are restricted to the respective Traitor Legion rather than allowing a continuation of the liquorice allsort pick’n’mix we have now.

In allowing certain units to be unlocked I’d restrict the Legion in its other choices e.g. no Obliterators, raptors, other marked units. For Deathguard a restriction on tracked vehicles. World Eaters armies would have little or no access to long range firepower. Word Bearers would have Cultists and Lesser Daemons. Night Lords would have outflank, option to buy jetpack for CSMs etc.

So much could be done to give the Traitor legions back their flavour without making them over-powered.

Of course GW will blow it big time and like we have Viking Marines, Vampire Marines, Knight Marines, etc we will get Codex: Bad Marines


  1. I don't think I've heard you voice a dislike of the current chaos codex before?

  2. No I try to keep it hidden. Every now and then it sneaks out.