Thursday, February 2, 2012

Latest Dark Eldar Progress

So Dad called me up yesterday to whine about my lack of regular blog posting, and told me to get a move on with it.  In the last week he had also sent me some nice photos of my latest painting efforts, despite needing many attempts to get photos I was happy with ("What's wrong with me taking them on the iPhone? There's not much difference in quality...").

Without any further rambling, here's what I've painted since the Masters.  There's also a Ravager, but it somehow managed to escape the camera.

A lovely Razorwing

Some Venoms

And a nice group shot

In terms of vehicles, I've now got 5 Venoms, a Ravager, and a Razorwing painted up, and am currently in the process of making/painting 4 more Raiders/Ravagers (about halfway there).  Once that's done, I'll have basically all of the vehicles out of the way, and can get to some troops.

I'm probably going to be playing with these guys at Equinox and Natcon in preparation for Fields mid-year so that I can get some more experience with the army (I've reached double digits now - 10 games!).  I'm also looking at going to the Auckland 40k Open in April (the weekend after Natcon), but I suspect I may still be in Wellington that weekend.  The event is being run by Robert Power (Powerguy - a regular commenter here), and is the first NZ tournament to use the NOVA system, which should prove a refreshing change and something a bit different to usual.


  1. Looking Boss Jack!

    You used the Razorwing yet? Decent?

  2. Like I'd whine about anything.

    Dave, you're 35 years old. You shouldn't be using words like "Boss". You're not down with the homies.

    1. Looking really nice Jack :)

      If you haven't used the Razorwing yet you are in for a treat... pretty much one of my favorite units in 40k at the moment!

  3. Haha, 35? Really? I feel so old now.

  4. I used in in my first two games, and fired a total of zero missiles (I was having a slow day). It can only improve in my eyes!

  5. Great model Jack hopefully I will get to see it in the flesh sometime!

    You know that scheme could easily translate to Craftworld Eldar - some allies for Apocalypse games?

    Also nice board!