Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Equinox Rulings

The TO answered a few more questions re Equinox last evening.

The two most important of these were that scenarios will be used at the event and that True Line of Sight will be used (with the exception that all but Large Targets are hidden behind hills and all are hidden by buildings).

I’m very happy with both these rulings. Certainly I think that the inclusion of scenarios acts both as an in-built comp stick and adds an extra level of complexity (in a good way) to games. It presents challenges to the deathstar builds, encouraging a more combined arms approach.

I have been vocal in my dislike of Systematic Line of Sight as I feel it is a solution looking for a problem. The system was very much designed for the ETC environment where language differences compound any disagreements. However, in both the NZ and Oz tournament environment I’ve yet to encounter any problems with the rulebook system. I generally work on the basis that pretty much everything can see everything unless blocked by a building. Great to see the core rules being used.

These rulings do have impact on the make up of your army so it is good to have them confirmed six weeks out.

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  1. Yet still we get lumped with bad rulings. The ruling on casting bonuses from fire/hierotitan etc counting as power dice is absurd in any capacity. It simply makes no sence.
    Someone tell me how +2 to cast items are different to +D3??? (besides the randomness) Why are the random ones discounted and not the set ones?
    Why should one laws bonus be discounted and the others left untouched?
    More importantly, why is there a need to any of these restrictions at all?
    /rant over