Tuesday, November 24, 2015


So last night my copy of "Uncharted Empires" dropped and I spent the evening devouring the fluff.

Of course the section of most interest to me (and no doubt the majority of the book's readers) was the section on the Ratkin.

Here we were treated to the Ratkin "Creation Story" where the experiments of an evil dwarf (is there really any other kind) saw them emerge from the Petrie dish and into a live of slavery and servitude.

As is the case in such stories, the downtrodden rise up in a glorious revolution and cast of the yoke of the oppressors, building for themselves a bright and bountiful future.


Really the only mystifying part of the whole story was that Mantic had classified them as "Evil". I had hoped that all the typos would have been picked up in the proofreading.

Still a warm and fuzzy furry story for such a Noble and Valiant race.



  1. If only the dwarves had invented rat poison first, silly beardlings.

    Sadly my hard copy of the book has been delayed from 27/11/2015 to 04/12/2015 today. So I wait to find out about the 'noble' Varangur...

  2. It's a misunderstanding based on their desire to inflict on everyone else the misery and suffering that they themselves suffered. Clearly, therefore, it's society and the patriarchy who are evil. The Ratkin just need safe spaces and positive role models in the mainstream media.

  3. I'm assuming this is an e-copy right? I'm also waiting for mine via Mighty Ape and got the email to say it's delayed to 4 Dec :(