Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New "Mutant" Paint Pots From GW

I wandered into GW today to pick up a couple of pots of paint - Dryad Bark because Tabletop World love their wood and Drakenhof Nightshade to wash my stonework.

When I picked up the wash I thought I had picked up a mutant. Apparently GW have decided to double the volume of their Shade pots.

I was told that the new greater capacity pot was a response to customer demand. It seems people were complaining about how fast they went through their washes.

As a style icon, the new pot is not great. Lots of weight concentrated at the top - I expect we'll see more frequent spills. Still collecting paint pots is part of the hobby, yeah?

The pot won't fit in my GW provided Citadel Paint Rack.....grrrr.

I wonder how long before other "types" go this way. 


  1. They listened to there customers Is that a new habit or a one off?

  2. Why you be hating Pete?

    I think it's great! When I buy 6 packs for terrain they won't run out on large terrain kits or batch painting jobs

    1. Hating is the wrong word. I thought I laid out my reasons for frustration
      - Easy to topple
      - Don't fit in existing Citadel rack
      - Little saving for bulk buy

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention, the new bottles fit into the Bace to Base-IX rack that's for Citadel paints, kind of surprised they don't fit into the GW one.

    And at least it's a saving; kind of surprised GW didn't put a premium (I know, battered wife syndrome)

    - John