Sunday, November 8, 2015

Vermintide Tourney Report

Yesterday the Warlords and Masterton Marauders put on the one day Vermintide event. In the past this was a WHFB event and was initially scheduled to be a 9th Age this year. However our local community has switched to KoW and so the event changed a month ago.

It was run by Neil Williamson with Peter in tow. Five rounds, scenarios and 1250 points.

I admit I didn't read the Players Pack and didn't pick up that all games were VP based with scenario only counting for 300 points. Silly Pete! This impacted both army selection and mode of play. And yes it came home to roost!

Game One - Rex Foote (Elves) - Invade

Rex's list was probably the strongest at the event - and he had clearly read the pack! He had a Dragon, the Green Lady, two blocks of Shamblers and a Horde of Archers with +1 to hit. I got first turn and pushed army forward to try to win scenario by pinning him in his half. I realised when I read scoring T4 that this was not a smart strategy. Rex tore my distracting units apart and I missed a flank charge on my Daemonspawn. Regardless of this Rex would have won easily but the score would have been a lot closer. 3-17 loss.

Game Two - David Oemecke (Undead) - Dominate

In this game I managed to target his hard hitting units which were dual Werewolf Hordes and Wraith Horde. I did lose my Daemonspawn to a Nerve 8 reroll in fighting the Wraiths who my Blight quickly cleaned up. Made a critical mistake after killing first Werewolves that lost me both my Shock Troops and Brute Hordes. In the end won scenario which gave me 11-9 win.

Game Three - Robert Higgins (Dwarfs) - Pillage

When you populate the lower tables you are punished by having to play Dwarfs! I got Higgins and we had a ding dong battle that I was in control of until we rolled for a 7th turn. He managed a charge with a Badger riding Berzerker Lord into my Daemonspawn, rolled well and I had to make a rerolled Nerve 9 test. Of course I failed both which caused a 640 swing in points. 8-12 Loss

Game Four - Kent Jackson (Undead) - Loot

Started getting the multi charges off in this game. Lost one counter when I forgot about Surge 16 but managed to secure the other two. The first game I kept the Daemonspawn alive which reflected in points. 15-5 win.

Game Five - Jayden (Kingdom of Men) - Kill

Jayden's knights were deployed on my far left and I was happy to keep them out of the game by sacrifing my Hackpaws and eventually my Brutes. Before they went down the Brutes took out one regiment of Spearmen. On my right the Daemonspawn took out the cannon en route to getting in the rear of Jayden's lines. My Blight and Shock Troops were able to pin the front while Daemonspawn hit rears and flanks. Jayden's dice were pretty poor, deserting him at critical times. 19-1 win


The last two rounds pushed me back up the table and I finished 6th, 15 points behind the winner. Certainly learned a lot particularly about potential for concealed charges and also interpenetration. Still learning the application of the rules and especially the other armies. However I still get surprised. I expect this will go with more game time.

Well done to Ryan Lister who won with his Undead. Second was Rex with the Elves and third Sam Whitt with Twilight Kin.

Big thanks to Neil for running it and all his efforts with terrain. The stuff he's created looks great. And thanks to all my opponents for their patience when I asked questions about their armies - largely "They do what!!!???!!!"


  1. Is 1250pts a normal tournament size or is it on the smaller side? I'm thinking about putting an army together but not sure where to aim for. I'm thinking 2000pts but that might be my whammer heritage showing.

    1. Aim for 2000 Alix. That is slightly bigger than the old WFB 2400.

      Most events will aim for 2000 IMO. It is far more balanced as it is what game is designed for

    2. It was great to see so many people having fun with fantasy army battle games.

      good to see people breathing life on unlife back into their armies.

    3. Definitely aim for 2000 Alix. I'm sure that will be the norm. Some tourny's might go to 2500.
      Vermintide has always been a small point tournament (1200 compared to the standard 2400 under WHFB). It's its point of difference.