Monday, November 16, 2015

Easter Eggs - Things I Like About KOW - #5 First Turn Uncertainty

In WHFB if you finished deploying first then you got +1 to the roll to determine first turn. This meant that if you knew you were going to get the +1 then you knew you had around a 60% chance of going first and could scout, vanguard and deploy accordingly.

This level of "probability" was significant for some armies, in particular those who suffered limited additional downside if they didn't win the roll - generally very mobile armies.

In KoW you don't have such a modifier and that means you can't be as confident of getting first turn. When this is coupled with the scenario variety I'm finding it refreshing. Yes, it may be "new shiny" but having to accommodate lesser surety is a good thing.

One of my biggest problems with ETC rules changes in WHFB was the way they tried to screw any uncertainty out of the game. Personally I like uncertainty in games as that gives you the replayability especially in something like KoW where to hit and to wound rolls generally normalise due to the number of dice.

It's only with Nerve rolls that things get funky - but that's a story for another day.

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