Saturday, November 14, 2015

THMiniatures Terrain

So after prepping the pieces I spent a few evenings painting them up.

Here are the finished pieces:

The sacrificial pit is the biggest piece and was a Kickstarter-only offer.

When you remove the lid you get the full horror of its use.

The other pieces fit the traditional obstacle definition which will make them great for Kings of War.

The detail on the terrain is very crisp and takes paint extremely well. There is very good variation between the different terrain pieces (I only chose to get two of the same piece once) so with only a small investment you can get a lot of differing set ups.

From a KoW perspective I can see these pieces filling the role of obstacles and impassable terrain.

All in all a great Kickstarter, excellent product, produced on schedule with the only niggle being the shipping time of Canada Post's surface mail.



  1. Really good work there Pete as usual.
    I like all the added vegetation, it really brings it to life.
    What weathering powder did you use on the steps?

  2. No weathering powders yet Neil. All brush to date.

    I am going to get the powders out to finish them off.

  3. Great work Peter - very nice scatter type terrain and the pit is excellent.

  4. Excellent job Pete ! thanks for sharing the pictures :)