Monday, November 2, 2015

Fields of Blood 2015 Masters - Initial Invite List

Fantasy (in Order)

James Brown (Current Champ) YES
Kelly Gragg YES
Richard Barby YES
Alan Hughes NO
Sam Whitt YES
Brian Smith YES
John Willenbruch YES
Peter Williamson NO
Glen Tibbles NO
McCrae Louden YES
Richard Holtzhausen NO
Phil Comins YES
Ross Hillier-Jones NO
Tim Joss NO
Phil Wu NO
Neil Williamson NO
Antony Kitson YES
Daniel Street YES

Warhammer 40k (in Order)

Dean Bradley (Current Champ)
Sam Wooding NO
Kyle Gibson NO
Tim Adams YES
Shane Hammond 
Zane Shaskey NO
James Piesse YES
Karn Synder-Bishop
James Stott YES
Chris Ward YES
Andrew Swarbrick
Nic Cochand
Sean Sullivan YES
Glen Burfield YES
Pascal Roggen
James Abbot
Josh Hill NO
Christian Pride YES

Those I have marked (nc) I do not have contact details for. Therefore if know them can you please get them to contact me at

Looking to get fields locked in asap to help people make travel plans.

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