Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Easter Eggs - Things I Like About KoW- #3 Time Commitment

Last evening I went along to the gaming group hosted by local Wil Hoverd in his garage. There were six of us there and three tables - all KoW games.

While four of them practised to "wreck face" at the upcoming Vermintide, Ryan and myself had a 2000 point game - my Ratkin versus his Undead.

One of the great things was that I arrived just on 6:30pm and we were finished at 8:15pm after playing 7 turns. This was my sixth game of KoW and I think Ryan has played similar.

That we can play a full game in two hours is a real attraction for me - especially on "school nights". I was home well before 9:00pm in plenty of time to put on my smoking jacket and slippers and have a mug of Bovril before bed.

Obviously a key part of this is the game mechanic structure whereby each of you is in control of your own turn - Move - Ranged - Nerve - Melee - Nerve - Regroup. Even against a backdrop of a new scenario we were both able to progress our turns very quickly. I can only see this improving with more practice.

Already I find that I'm learning my stats - though my Lightning Bolts are 5 not 3 (discovered T5 of my second game with them) and the mental maths is becoming more familiar.

So all in all it is another nice surprise. Faster games with less downtime.

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