Sunday, November 22, 2015

Plenty Still To Do!

Last night I rounded up all the Tabletop World pieces that I still need to paint. This mean opening three unopened boxes and trying to find the others pieces I knew I had - they were in a box on top of the laundry cupboards.

I'm now pretty sure I have them all corralled and did a quick count - seven unpainted buildings (yikes!!).

That's five on them! The other two have made it to the spray booth and been primed.

So next up it is OOP Blacksmith's Forge. If anyone can suggest some suitable figures for a forge please let me know.



  1. Dwarf (shudder) anvil of doom, any rage quitters on ebay?

    1. Yep....thinking that might be the go...or perhaps some models from Guildball Blacksmith's Guild

    2. Oh my Pete, have you seen the Xmas offer on tabletop world? No - you better not look, you have enough to paint.

    3. Reaper have a nice one in their townsfolk range, or you can get the whole Village of Kullhaven townsfolk set and you've got minis for the rest of the town too.

    4. Thanks Essex, I'll check them out. Though Reaper have never really done much for me figure wise.