Monday, November 30, 2015

Easter Eggs - Things I Like About KoW - #6 Rigid Points

This is something I love.......and I hate (in a good way).

The units all have a rigid points value which makes flexibility and bespoke tailoring that much harder. In WHFB if you hit up against a points shortage - as long as you paid Core Tax - then you could "fiddle". Drop a model her or model there and you could shoehorn things in.

But not Kings of War!

Units have a high hurdle cost....typically 45 points for an ASB or 70+ points for a Troop unit. That means that your only currency is your Magic Artefact allowance or to make dramatic composition changes.

Over the weekend I have wanted to make a change to my list but I am 10 points short. I managed to find five of them by making a significant change but no matter what I do, I can't liberate them without making wholesale changes.

Boo hoo, I hear you cry!

It is soooo frustrating but it is also great. It encourages list changes rather than honing. In the end that is better for both your own enjoyment and that of your regular opponents.

I contrast this with my last two years of 8th Ed WHFB where I was honing and refining essentially the same list. Once the ETC was over I didn't play it again.

So viva the lack of infinite flexibility

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