Monday, November 30, 2015

Battle Report - Ratkin v. Empire of Dust in Kill

Late Saturday afternoon Lliam came in for a game and we rolled up "Kill". Again we chose to use the Chess Clock and again gave 50 minutes for the game.
This time didn't include deployment and I think in future I would look at an hour including deployment for a 2000 point game. I didn't snap any pics but Lliam did so here are a few highlights.
Post deployment but prior to the first turn - we are both pretty heavy on the same flank. I made a critical mistake deploying my Shock Troops behind the Blight but was able to correct later.
Lliam disposed of my right flank and his heavy hitters head into middle. My mistake is highlighted here as Lliam parks a pharaoh in front of the Blight restricting my movement and trapping the Shock Troops behind.
On the hill the battle starts where we swap units.
Here you can see the value of the pharaoh. I was lucky that Lliam replaced him with the Bone Giant. This meant both units had LoS for a charge.
Moving into the end game - my Blight have got to one Skelly horde, while my Daemonspawn takes the easy points by charging the catapult (out of shot to the left). The Shock Troops have turned and charged the Worms who removed a Slave unit.

Here you can see the Daemonspawn and my Slaves are threatening the Archer horde.
The Shock Troops do enough casualties to rout the worms. Lucky in that I needed a re-rollable "8".
And here we finish.
When we totalled up the points I was about 40-50 in front, so very close. Lliam had timed out during Turn 4 but will be helped when he has had more practice and gets a tray for his chariot horde.


  1. Empire of Dust, Pete, please. We are a proud people... Were a proud people... Are a proud unpeople...