Friday, November 20, 2015

Uncharted Empires Due Next Week

Starting to get excited now. "Uncharted Empires" is out next week with the digital version due to drop on Monday.

And this is one of the main reasons why I decided to switch away from WHFB 8th Edition and the Ninth Age project - the release of new material, be it rules and/or fluff.

The opportunity for a game to advance and grow is very important IMO to long term attractiveness to existing and new participants.

I'm in for the digital version and I've also got the hard copy on order.....important to support those companies that appear committed to growing the game.



  1. We will have a thorough review of the background from Uncharted Empires releasing Sunday. We also include a more in depth look at the Night Stalkers.

  2. Ludicrously excited by this release, from what I hear our beloved vermin have a few points shaved off hordes, should allow us to invest in an upgrade or two!
    Also interested to see what the two 'new' armies are.
    Thanks for producing this high quality site, really enjoyable and informative content. Look forward to see how your Ratkin evolve (and stealing some tactical knowledge/skill!)

  3. Keenly awaiting my pre-order from Mighty Ape too. Expect to see quite a bit of blog and Youtube interest and discussion on this, and expect that it will trigger a lot of the ex Warhammer players who are currently sitting on the fence to shift across to KoW.