Friday, November 13, 2015

Review - THMiniature's Miniature Scenery Terrain

Earlier this year I backed a Kickstarter by a Canadian company THMiniatures. They raised around $20,000 to produce resin terrain for fantasy gaming.

What struck me with this Kickstarter is that they did everything right. They kept their goals small and delivered on time - a rarity in this field. I committed $140 which gave me access to $150 of their product equating to around 10-15 pieces.

The product produced was a variety of battlefield obstacles something that I was short of in my terrain collection plus a central sacrificial pit.

With the Kickstarter the only thing that was disappointing was that the finished product was sent surface mail. This was meant to take 3-6 weeks but in fact took ten weeks!!!!!!

When it did arrive I had a series of separately packed white resin pieces.

There was a small amount of resin flash on the various pieces so I sat down with my Citadel mould line remover and ten minutes later it was all gone.

The next stage was to wash the pieces with detergent to remove any residual mould release agent. There was the odd trace of blue silicone on the pieces which I assume was remnants of the mould.

Ten minutes in warm soapy water cleaned any surface chemicals from the pieces. I then rinsed them and left them to dry on a tea towel.

The next stage was to fill the airbrush with surface primer and undercoat them black.

So after I ensured that they all had good coverage, I left the pieces to dry, ready to paint.

My method is to paint the soil/earth first and then work up throw the wood and stonework. I used a mix of paints and washes, trying to get some depth into the stone especially. Once painted I used static grass and clump foliage to finish the pieces off.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the finished product.


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  1. They look good. I'm always hesitant on kickstarters but that looks well handled.

    When you paint the rocks, try a very, (very) thin green glaze or wash. It helps the stones look more natural.