Sunday, November 29, 2015

Battle Report - Ratkin v. Undead

So yesterday morning Ryan came around for an early game of Kings. We were using 2000 point armies and rolled up the "Dominate" scenario. Having received my chess clock earlier this week we decided to have our first timed game - 50 minutes each after deployment.

My list was the new variant I had worked up - and used midweek - as follows:

  • 5x Tunnel Slaves Regiment
  • Shock Troop Horde - with Caterpillar
  • Blight Horde
  • Brute Horde with Brew Haste
  • 2x Hackpaw Troops
  • 2x Weapons Teams with Storm of Lead
  • Mutant Rat Fiend
  • ASB
  • Warlock with Inspiring Talisman
  • Daemonspawn with Fly


So an increase in units over my old list with a lot more chaff.

Here is deployment with the centre point clearly marked. I weighted my deployment very heavily to my left flank looking to overwhelm the undead there before striking into the centre.

Ryan had a big horde of ghouls, horde of Skelly archers, two regiments of wraiths, revenant horde of infantry and cavalry, werewolf horde plus flying pharaoh, mounted killy vampire and a liche lord.

My right was looking a little light with the weapons teams, the Hackpaws and the warlock.

Turn 1 and Ryan sends the vampire and the werewolves forward to take out my right.

I use the Hackpaws as blockers and then concentrate fire onto the werewolves.

In the centre I move tentatively forward.


Over on the left the Slaves moved forward to engage the enemy.

In came the Werewolves and the Vampire, the Werewolves routing the Hackpaws. The second unit was more lucky in that it was only Wavered.

The centre shows the Wall of Crap (tm) facing the undead, with the Brutes turning to reinforce the right.


Over on the left the Weaiths and Slaves slug it out. The charge on the Wraiths was the only "yellow-bellied" roll I made all day. Slaves require a roll of 2+ to charge. I made one out of eight versus Ryan.

On the hill you can see the Fiend. He is obscuring the Daemonspawn. The two of them are threatening the Pharaoh who quickly gets out of Dodge.

The Vampire has routed the second Hackpaws unit but the Werewolves are about to meet their demise in a storm of lead.

Here you can see the Brutes who have lined up a charge on the Vampire, revving their engines.

In they come and they do enough damage to waver the Vampire - WIN.

In the centre I have four Slave units lined up to charge. I then manage to roll four "1s" which means they decide to have a think about it first. Not the end of the world as they can impersonate speed bumps.

The Daemonspawn and Fiend hit the Skellies and bounce while the slaves sit around.

The Wraiths waver these slaves but at least they are still in the fight.

Thanks to the indecision of the Vampire, the Brutes charge him again killing him. The Weapons Teams and warlock turn to the centre.

The Revanents manage to work through a couple of units of slaves over the next few turns as yellow bellied is now the new black!

On the left the Daemonspawn has finished off the Skellies and the Pharaoh is now in my back field. The Blight are facing the Wraiths who have finally routed the slaves.

The Revanents begin the Slave mulch being drawn further into the mire - "Watch out! It's a trap!!!"

The Wraiths go into the Blight and bounce. They are countercharged but again the Slaves decide to see how things turn out. In the background the Fiend and Daemonspawn have cleaned out the Ghouls.

Unfortunately the last couple of turns were quick due to the clock and I didn't get a lot of good pics. The Revanants got charged in the front by the Brutes and the flank by the Shock Troops which wiped them out. The Liche held off the Fiend (????). However when the smoke cleared I had a lot of points in the centre circle.

Totalling up the points I believe it was approximately1250-550 points in my favour. I had used up 45 minutes of my time while Ryan had 8 minutes left. The clock was a real nice addition to the game and forced you to make quick decisions. I can see myself using it for all my games from here.

The new list performed very well - despite my cowardly slaves. The ability to choke up the table is great and allows you to pinpoint the attacks of some of the heavy hitters. The Weapons Teams were real stars and worked well in tandem with the Warlock. The Brutes accounting for the Vamp Lord was a bonus....



  1. With yellow-bellied rolls like that, you'd 'love' fielding gobbos!

  2. Yeah the vampire lord getting munched was the biggest thorn in my plan. He should have at least tied the brutes up long enough to have a more favourable match up in the middle.

    Far more importantly however, I failed to make any good use of my revenant cavalry, and your deployment was leagues better than mine. I will look at adding in some smaller units for drops/annoyance in the future.