Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Fields of Blood Blogroll

Given that this blog is redefining itself as primarily focussed on Kings of War, I have adjusted my blogroll ("Other Blogs I Enjoy") to reflect that.

This means that a number of blogs that were focussed on GW games have been abandoned rationalised and replaced with a selection of Kings of War sites that I have been reading. If you have a site that is primarily KoW then please let me know and I'll add you to the blogroll.


  1. Nice, thanks for finding these Pete, I look forward to reading them too.

  2. Thanks for not culling me Pete. (Lol) My blog is all SAGA and KoW now.

  3. I recently started a blog chronicling me getting into KoW.

    1. And added. Good luck with the blog. Great to have more KoW content out there to read

  4. I have a blog which I anticipate being largely KoW.