Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Update

As the most recent posts show, I've been bitten by the terrain bug and my hobby efforts have been directed to them.

The THM scatter terrain was finished and the Wargamma ponds started and completed. Watching cricket for 6-7 hours certainly helps in getting things done!

Yesterday I started on a Tabletop-World piece - their stone bridge. I again used the Badger to lay down the primer and the base colours. This certainly speeds up the process. I'd reckon I am about 60% finished so with two days of cricket to go in this test I should have it finished this week.

Some of my supplies for terrain projects are getting low. I love the Silfluor tufts but most of my sheets are on their last legs. There doesn't appear to be a NZ supplier so I went to my usual supplier, Irresistible Force in Australia. Unfortunately their new website seems to only cater for domestic sales (Australia is hard-wired as country) so I had to go elsewhere. Neither Element Games or Firestorm Games stock them so I've taken a punt on "Gamer's Grass" tufts from Firestorm. I'll let you know what they are like.

I also posted up the Players Pack for Runefang VIII - two one day KoW events to be held in January. Hopefully I'll get some early registrations. Towards the end of 8th it was hard to get good numbers for Wellington events. People have said they want one day events so we'll see if they put their money where their mouth is.

Maybe gaming tomorrow night - depends where cricket is.


  1. Have a go at making your own tufts Pete.
    If you google "make your own grass tufts:" and there are a few you tube lessons.
    You've got your static applicator and the rest of it looks very straight forward.
    You should be able to produce heaps at very low cost.
    I thought I'd have a go these summer hols

    1. Do you make your own toilet paper as well?

      Time is money Neil!!!!

    2. I'll make you some then as teachers have plenty of time but no money.

      What colour toilet paper would you like?. Single, double or triple ply? Scented?