Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Evolving Ratkin

Tonight I've got a 2000 point game against Elves and I intend using the following list:
  • Tunnel Slaves Legion
  • Warriors Horde
  • Shock Troops Horde
  • Blight Horde
  • Brutes Horde - Brew of Haste
  • Vermintide Horde
  • Hackpaws Troop
  • 2x Weapon Teams with Storm of Lead
  • Mutant Rat-Fiend
  • Warlock - Inspiring Talisman
  • ASB - War Bow of Kaba
  • Daemonspawn with Fly and Speed
This is the same list I used last Tuesday against Ryan's Undead. While I'm already seeing some changes I would make I'm keen to give it a second run before altering.

The key thing I guess is not to get too set on anything as yet given Uncharted Empires is out in two weeks. Units, stats and point costs could all change even if only incrementally. For instance, I know that the ASB will be given a mount option increasing his manoveurability - 9" move.

One thing I have found with Ratkin lists is that they seem very low utilisers of Magic Artifacts. They don't have the Ranged Attack options that make things like +1 to hit or +1 Piercing so attractive. I have been running numbers on giving Stealthy to my Rat-Fiend or a Death Engine but at 35 points it is not cheap. As an alternative I could look at taking Heal on my Warlock but that devalues his LB(5).

If anyone has bright ideas I'm alway interested to hear. I tend to consider suggestions based on combo of math and tactics.


  1. Popping a healing charm on a standard bearer is a decent option, since they're usually just hanging out behind the line giving inspiring & little else. Dwarven Ale is also very useful for its points cost, especially on a big unit which you really, really don't want getting wavered.

    1. Thanks Dave, I'll have a look.

      The 30 points for returning probably 9 wounds over the course of an average game appeals though does throw up some tactical restrains. I hadn't looked at the Brew

  2. You have lots of hordes but no screening units. Don't underestimate the how powerful it can be to sacrifice a 60 - 80 point unit in order to guarantee you get the first charge. Disposable units win games, never leave home without a few things you don't mind loosing.

    You might find the manuverability of hordes can let you down at times as well, shock troop regiments do well sandwiched between anvil units.

    Bane chant. Where is your bane chant? Those blight could be giving your opponent nightmares with it!