Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Terrain - Treacherous Ponds

Last year at Adepticon I picked up some resin ponds by a company called Wargamma. I've never got around to painting them but bitten by the terrain bug - and with plenty of cricket to watch - I got them out yesterday.

I sprayed them black and then started with a variety of greens in the Badger to get some graduation in the pools. From there I got out some Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and added some Secret Weapon Miniatures "Algae" wash into it.

The "water" was poured in to give it both some depth and a slimy finish. I then left them overnight. This morning I painted the banks - 4-5 GW browns and then washed with Sepia.

Pretty happy with how they've turned out.

From memory they came in sets of three for USD12. So I now have nine ponds for what at the time was $50 NZD.



  1. Nice work, they look excellent.

    I used a Woodlands Scenics water product ages ago but can't recall if it was Realistic Water or another one (came in a bottle, not the granular stuff you melt). I found it never dried to a hard varnish-like finish and can become slightly tacky in warm temperatures, so can pick up the odd fingerprint or attract errant static grass fibres. It does give a nice depth effect but in future I think I'll use a hard varnish instead. Hope yours hardened with no issues.

    1. Bottled Realistic Water. And no problem hardening.

      I've had problems in the past but that was with "Water Effects"

  2. Those look great- really nice, natural looking liquid. But with all that bubbling, there's no splashes or dribbles on the nice clean rocks?

    1. What do you think my Tunnel Slaves do in their downtime?