Wednesday, November 4, 2015

More Good Stuff From Counter Charge Podcast

The three most recent episodes of the Counter Charge podcast have had a wealth of information for Kings of War fans.

Episode Six was a discussion of the fluff of Mantica with guests Greg Smith and Matt Gilbert (from Mantic's design team). This reinforced a lot of the background that you find in the book but also expanded or gave some further insight.

Episodes Seven and Eight were a review of the upcoming Herd list from Uncharted Empires. Again they had expert insight with the list's author, Daniel King leading a panel discussion.

I've been very impressed with the content of the Counter Charge podcast as their key mission is aimed at informing the listener rather than a lot of Wargaming casts who think they are a Hipsters' Comedy Festival.

Looking forward to their upcoming review of Uncharted Empires.


  1. We really appreciate the kind words and it's been exciting to see KOW explode within the community. Hit us up on Twitter as we are very keen to get you on the show!

    1. You guys are doing excellent stuff Rob. Love the mix of fluff, rules and army episodes

  2. Great podcast, just stop saying 'That's a good segway' for the love of god!

  3. Where are you streaming from? I've had trouble each time I've tried to check it out. I try to download podcasts in advance to listen to on my weekly inter-city drives.

  4. You can download the casts from the website but using an app like instacast is an easier way to go.