Sunday, November 22, 2015

Terrain - Tabletop World's OOP Merchant's House

Bitten by the terrain bug, I've continued painting each evening to get through the backlog of pieces I have unpainted.

The next piece to do was the now OOP Merchant's House from Tabletop World. I bought this at least three years ago and it has been sitting down in the garage. I know it's that long as the resin was moving from whitish to a dark yellow.


Now waiting for some basing supplies to arrive so that I can start basing the recently painted material.



  1. Great models aren't they. You've done a really good job on it.
    What colours did you use for the bricks or did you mix?

    Almost finished my windmill. Should get it finished this week, just hoping I can get the sails to go round smoothly. The resin they use is fantastic for drilling and filing BTW if anybody thinks of kit bashing them
    Once finished I'm onto the tower!

    1. Jokero Orange and Squig Orange with Agrax wash.