Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend Update

Running into the start of Summer here in New Zealand there are a lot of competing priorities for time. Thankfully I don't let any of them get in the way of hobby.

I managed a couple of games on Saturday. The first very early - Battle Report posted - and the second, late afternoon. It gave the opportunity to start timed games and I'm very much of the opinion that it adds immeasurably to the game.

I also continued with my painting of the Tabletop World terrain and have finished two more pieces ready for basing.

Looking at next weekend to start basing the completed pieces. This means painting walls, trees, hedges etc over the next few evenings to have a store of decorative pieces.

Finally, yesterday afternoon I headed up to Kapiti and called in on the KoW they were running. There were 16 people along. I understand that Jayden Howell won it with Basileans, Wil Hoverd was 2nd with Kingdoms of Men and Peter Williamson third with PEGs.


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