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KoW Rules Clarifications from Mantic Rules Committee

One of the Rules Committee posted the following on the Mantic Forum and I thought it was of such interest that I'd post here.

This topic is to point out the common queries that we get that are clearly covered by the rules (though admittedly sometimes you need to piece the logic together with multiple rules). This is a different topic to the FAQ/Errata which covers things that are either incorrect in the rules, or aren't specific/clear enough. This is purely for the questions that come up that are easy to answer with a direct page reference or quote.

Within vs Entirely/Completely Within

If a rule specifically says that a unit must be Entirely or Completely within a certain distance then all of that unit must be within that distance. If it doesn't say Entirely/Completely then if any part of it is within, then the unit is within.

For example, the Indirect rule states
"On the other hand, the unit cannot shoot targets that are within 12".

If any part of the target unit is within 12" then it cannot be targeted, even if most of the unit is outside the 12" minimum range.

Compare to the Dominate scenario:
"At the end of the game, add up the cost of all of your units that are entirely within 12" of the centre of the playing area."

This specifically states that the unit must be entirely within, so all of the units base must be within 12" of the centre point.

Nudging units out of the way when charging

You cannot nudge a unit out of the way when charging.

"sometimes a charging unit may end up in contact with both its target and one or more enemy units it has not charged (e.g. when charging a unit that is part of a tight enemy battle line). In this case, you’ll have to nudge these enemy units away to ensure that they are no longer touching."

The nudge specifically takes place after all charge moves have ended. It cannot be done during a charge move. Charging, contacting, nudging and then aligning is not a legal charge move. The nudge can only be done after you've aligned and slide across.

Sliding to the enemies centre point

You do not have to align exactly to the enemies centre point if doing so would overlap another unit:
"Finally, shuffle the chargers sideways until their unit leader point is facing directly opposite the centre of the target unit, or as close as possible to it."

If you can't align with the enemy centre point (say terrain or another unit is blocking you) then you just slide across as far as you possibly can.

Leader Line of Sight & 90 degree arc

When measuring Line of Sight from your unit leader, you are not restricted to a 90 degree arc.
"To determine line of sight, draw an imaginary straight line from the unit leader point to any point of its target’s base. "

This does not have any restriction on an arc.

This is likely confused with the Arc of Sight, not Line of Sight, since the Arc of Sight does have a requirement for a 90 degree arc. They are not the same thing however. The Line of Sight can be in any direction (even, under extreme circumstances, backwards if necessary).

Height 0 & Cover

This is actually being specifically clarified in the upcoming FAQ due to some other bugs, but Height 0 units can still offer cover against ranged attacks. There's no quote here because there's nothing which says that they don't offer cover!

Fearless & Double 6

Fearless units are not Wavered if you roll a double 6 on a nerve test. They ignore all Wavering results:

"Double 6: If you roll double six when testing Nerve and the unit is not Routed, it will still suffer from a result of Wavering."
"Fearless: in any case, they cannot Waver, and will therefore remain Steady until they eventually Rout."
They simply ignore the double 6 wavering result in the exact same way as any other wavering result.

Exceptional damage & double 1's

If you roll a double 1 for a nerve test, the unit will always be Steady regardless of how much damage they have taken. Even if they have taken more damage than their Rout nerve limit, they will fight on.
"will always be Steady and fight on, regardless of any modifier."

Nerve isn't a strict measurement of a units damage capacity, but its mental nerve (hence the name!) and willpower. Historically speaking, in regimental warfare it was extremely rare for units to be massacred to the man - they would rout long before a unit had taken severe casualties. KoW is no different in this regard and the double 1 result simply reflects a unit fighting well beyond what would normally be expected.

Surge & Charging

Units with Shambling have a charge range of twice their Speed as normal. The rule specifically states that they can't do an At The Double order, and a Charge is not an At The Double order:
"The unit cannot be ordered ‘At the Double’,"

Counter-Charge & Thunderous Charge

If a unit didn't take any damage from a unit charging it, then it can still counter-charge and use its Thunderous Charge. There's nothing to say that you can't use Thunderous Charge when counter-charging, just that you can't use it while Hindered or Disordered (though it is rare to not be Disordered while Counter-Charging):

"however the unit loses this bonus when Disordered or during Hindered charges".

Flyers, Difficult Terrain & At The Double

Flyers can move out of or over Difficult Terrain & Obstacles while carrying out an At The Double order, but they cannot land on top of or within them.

"Terrain: While moving At The Double, units treat Difficult Terrain as Blocking Terrain instead."

"Fly: The unit can move over anything (blocking terrain, enemy units, friendly units when charging, etc.), but still cannot land on top of them."

Flyers & pivoting

 Flyers can pivot through enemy units and blocking terrain. They must finish their entire movement clear of all blocking features, including units and terrain, but until they've "landed", they can move and pivot freely over any blocking features.

Nimble & 180 degree Pivots

 You can't carry out a single 180 degree pivot if you have the Nimble rule. The Nimble rule specifically states that you can get an additional 90 degree pivot:
"The unit can make a single extra pivot of up to 90 degrees around its centre while executing any move order, including a Charge!"

Each pivot must end clear of enemy units (including the 1" gap, except when charging) and blocking terrain. You can't combine both pivots into a single 180 degree pivot, so each separate 90 degree pivot must end clear.

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