Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Easter Eggs- Things I like about KOW - #4 Random Game Length

One of the things I really like about KOW is that it is scenario-based. And to supplement that they have a mechanic whereby the game either ends after Turn 6 or continues for a further turn.

I think this is a great - and necessary - mechanic. It removes the certainty from the game and gives the player of being either circumspect or throwing caution to the wind in the hope of a Death or Glory chance.

As players I suspect we will all remember games where the extra turn cost us a famous victory rather than the instances where it provided the opportunity to pull one out of the bag. That's because our psychology programmes to put victories down to skill and defeats down to luck.

I know already I have instances in my memory bank where I was robbed of what was a deserved victory.

And isn't it fun how that roll is ALWAYS exactly what you don't want.

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