Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adepticon Recap #10 - Just Desserts

Over the course of the week we went out for dinner at the various eateries around the Yorktown area.

By the time Jeff finished the first day of the Championships and we were ready to go out it was 10.00pm. We decided to go to the chain "Claim Jumper". The food was pretty average but one of the menu items piqued my interest. The "Six Layer Chocolate Mudcake" was described as having been voted the USA's #5 Most Decadent Dessert. I ordered one for Jeff.

When it arrived I was shocked. I thought the waiter had misheard me and that I had ordered four.

Jeff reckoned he could take it but I knew that boy's eyes are bigger than his stomach.

He started in on the first layer but struggled to finish that. In between each layer was half an inch of icing.

In the end Jack joined in to help. Monty and I were far to smart to get involved.

Admitting defeat we asked for a doggie-bag and took four and a half layers back for the Battlefront guys.


  1. This of course was after I had eaten a Hamburger the size of my head, and the four of us had shared to entrees which I'm pretty sure were intended as a feast for a party of 10.

    At no point in time did I think I could dent this thing.

    The most incredible part, it was like $10 USD, talk about value.

  2. You shame your ancestors Jeff :(