Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Meta Has Shifted.....Again

With one small piece of information the meta of the WHFB just experienced a seismic shift.

The information that we have on Wood Elves says that the Lore of Athel Loren is gone and in its stead the Weeds have access to the eight Lores plus High and Dark. A small change? Not bloody likely. This is a significant shift.

Why do I say this?

Well suddenly with access to previously out of reach Lores the Woodies become scary. Very dangerous indeed. Prior to the change they had no way to deal with armoured opponents - well they did but it was largely character driven and situational. Now your Spellweaver can take Metal Magic to do the job. Searing Doom looks a great choice for prime Mage but especially good on a secondary wiz.

Look at he synergy with Shadow Magic. Not only do you get Pit. You also get The Withering which when teamed with Strength 4 bows is brutal and the old favourite Mindrazor should the enemy get to contact.

The bowline now looks scarily viable. No-one will want to play 60+ archers backed by Shadow.

Mark my words there will be horror stories in the first few months post book release as the access to new Lores ramps up the effectiveness of the WEs.

This change alone has shifted the meta.


  1. Aaaargh!! It's the Elfpocalypse! Who will defend us against the pointy eared terrors? I am sending emissaries to Skavenblight.

    1. Tom is super excited. He was a Woodie before he was a Daemon. More archers are being assembled.

  2. Now before the bandwagon jumping acusations gets shouted around...I have taken woodies to at least 1 (3 if you count the lists I wrote for Cody NZTC 2013 and Alex vermintide 2012) event in 8th + was ready to take them to the Achievements event that was cancelled + I already have 90 archer assembled and painted and 15 assembled and painted glade riders.

    They are not dusty on my shelf - getting a game in at least every 3 months (well maybe not the glade riders).

    Looking forward to the new book - cant wait to see what new filth gets the hit with the comp stick (eternal guard, glade riders and warhawk riders).

    Joel v

    1. No Joel, as per twitter; only Rex and Kent Jackson are allowed to play Woodies:

      FYI - I'm bandwagoning hard on these babies as I create my High DarkWood Elf army

  3. Locally Rex and Kent get a free pass. Nationally Nick Irvine and Al Raynor. Everyone else is a dirty filthy bandwagonner

    1. Wood Elves all the way!
      Terrible time for me to have started painting a High elf army

  4. Leave me room on the wagon, my Dark Highwood elves are coming too!

  5. These High Darkwood Elves seem like the new filth.
    Maybe ill have to have a look in to.

    But I agree Pete - I think the Meta was already starting to shift heavily with the release of (High elves) Darkelves, their mobile range damage and the quick strike power of their characters.
    If wood elves can replicate this backed by the new Avatar like Treeman then block and armour hammer will be mere pin cushions in response.