Monday, April 28, 2014

FOB Army Rankings

One of the feature introduced this year in the FOB Rankings are the Army Rankings.

To determine this we take the best 10 results in ranking points for each army - however and very importantly this takes out the results of the Army Icon holder. The rationale for this is that it acts as a balance on player capability in what is a smaller tournament environment. All the armies bar Beastmen and Chaos Dwarfs have the requisite number of results.

When the rankings were first posted the top two were Warriors and Skaven. Over the past three months the gap between them has widened. Indeed in the past month we have seen a real fall from grace of the Ratmen dropping to 5th in the Power Rankings.

The top five in order is:

1. Warriors of Chaos
2. Daemons of Chaos
3. Lizardmen
4. High Elves
5. Skaven

I'm thinking that the presence of Lizardmen is down to one little skink who is largely omnipresent in every Lustrian army. But for me the big sleeper are the Dark Elves. I fully expect them to push into the top five over the rest of 2014.

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