Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adepticon Recap #3 - Brandon Palmer's "Egg"

Each year Brandon Palmer from GMM Studios creates a spectacular display for Adepticon. Last year it was the Kraken attacking an Empire ship.

For this Adepticon Brandon transformed a 70's "Egg" chair into a Tyranid Pod and used it as the backdrop for a Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine army (40k History Lesson - the Scythes were a Successor Chapter that was all but wiped out by the first Tyranid incursion into the galaxy).

Brandon has sculpted the outside of the egg and painted the inside to represent the night sky.

He has then created a display piece evoking 40k imagery to display the army.

Here you can see some of the incredible internal painting he has done on egg.

To me this piece is simply awe-inspiring and encapsulates so much of the rich background that GW have created.

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