Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 ETC Comp Finalised

The Composition for the 2014 ETC has been finalised (bar any book releases in May/June - probably only Wood Elves). And it has been a tortuous process.

Despite an instruction from the Captains from slightly less comp compared to 2013 the Army Restrictions Committee took it upon themselves to deliver more comp. A few of us brave souls berated them constantly over this but the majority of Captains took their licks like a tragically battered wife and thanked the AR.Com for "loving" them.

In the end they took a step too far and started making wholesale rules changes (sometimes as a minority of the committee) including removing the Reign of Chaos table from the Daemons book. This was too much and the "wives" stuck back rejecting Draft 3. The AR.Com hastily backtracked and presented a more palatable draft and more out of exhaustion this was accepted by the Captains. My own view is that the majority justed wanted certainty but given the general lack of backbone the captains as a group showed through the process....they got what they deserved.

You can check out the final draft here:

Army Composition, Draft 3.5

1. Rule changes
·       Up to 2 Characters per unit can get "look out sir" against the following spells: Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation and Dreaded 13th. Normal requirements for Look Out, Sir! apply.
·       BSBs can take all the equipment their unit type has access to as if they weren't BSBs. Wood Elf BSB can take kindreds and do not lose their longbow.

2. Magic Restrictions
·       An army may use up to maximum 12 power dice during each magic phase
·       A player can never use more than 5 power dice to cast a spell, no matter the source. For the Lore of Death and the Okkam's Mindrazor spell, this is lowered to 4 power dice.
·       Apart from Winds of Magic, an army may only generate up to 2 additional Power or Dispel Dice per magic phase (including channelling). Any extra dice above this is discarded and lost.

3. Team restrictions (Not Applicable)
·       A team consists of 8 players, each of which with an army from a different army list
·       A team may not contain more than 2 armies with 3 or more Lore of Death spells. Beastmen and Tomb Kings do not count towards this limit.

4. Army Building Restrictions
·       All the Army building restrictions are applied only during the creation of the roster, and may be ignored during the game (for example, by joining characters to units or creating new units)
·       The army lists allowed are those from any of the currently published GW Army Books, and The Legion of Azgorh from Tamurkhan. No other unit or army list may be used on the event.
·       Special or Named Characters are not allowed
·       Fozzrik’s Folding Fortress may not be taken.
·       Units cannot be more than 60 models nor 450 points. This does not apply to characters.

All army sizes are 2400 pt, except when specifically stated in brackets.

Beastmen (2700)
• Maximum unit point cost is increased to 550
• Victory points achieved against Beastmen are decreased by 10%
• May generate up to 3 Power Dice
• Gor and Minotaur units may carry magic standards (max 50 points)

Bretonnia (2500)

Chaos Dwarfs (The Legion of Azgorh)
• K'daai Destroyer/War Machine/Hellcannon (max 1)/Chalice of Blood and Darkness, max 4
• Chalice of Blood and Darkness (counts as 2)/Death magic in the army/Dispel Scroll, max 2
• Ashstorm can’t be cast with more than 4 Power Dice

Daemons of Chaos
• Beast of Nurgle, max 7 models in total and 4 models per unit
• 4+ Beast of Nurgle models in the army/Skull Cannon (max 1)/1st Nurgle Herald/GUO with Lore of Death, max 2

Dark Elves
• Reaper Bolt Thrower/Each 5 (or fraction) shade models/Dark Rider with Repeater Crossbow units/Darkshard units, max 7
• Dark Rider units, Characters on Dark Steed, max 3 each
• Dark Rider models after 15/Doomfire Warlock models/Character on Cold One or Pegasus/Character on Dark Steed (counts as 2), max 15
• 6+ Doomfire Warlock models/mounted Supreme Sorceress with Lore of Death or Dark Magic/Sacrificial Dagger, max 1

• Cannon/Grudge Thrower/Organ Gun/Flame Cannon/Each 2 (or fraction) Gyrocopter after 3, max 4

• Steam Tank/One or more duplicated war machines/Each 5 (or fraction) Demigryph models/War Altar and 2+ Light Wizards in the army, max 3
• Great Cannon (max 2 if Steam Tank in the army)/Steam Tank (max 1)/Hellblaster Volleygun/Each Light Wizard after the first in an army with War Altar, max 4

High Elves
• Book of Hoeth/Banner of the World Dragon/Unmounted Frostheart Phoenix, max 2
• Frostheart Phoenix/Star Dragon/Moon Dragon, max 2
• Archmage with Lore of Shadow or Death cannot use Book of Hoeth
• Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower/Each 8 (or fraction) Shadow Warrior or Sister of Averlon models/Archer units, max 7
• Ellyrian Reaver units, max 3

• Skink Skirmisher units (max 4)/Skink Cohort unit/Flying, non-Frenzied, units or characters/Salamander models, max 14

Ogre Kingdoms
• Gnoblar units, max 3
• Crown of Command (counts as 2)/Runemaw/4+ Characters/6+ Mournfang models, max 3
• 2nd Ironblaster (counts as 2)/Lords present in the army/4+ Mournfang models, max 2
• Hellheart/Dispel Scroll, max 1

Orcs and Goblins (2500)

• Rat Swarm units, Giant Rat units, Warlock Engineers, max 3 each
• Skaven Slave models, max 120
• Gutter Runners max 20 models
• 2nd Warp Lightning Cannon (counts as 2)/Screaming Bell/Hellpit Abomination (max 1), max 2
• Doom Rocket/Brass Orb/Power Scroll/Screaming Bell, max 2

Tomb Kings (2700)
• Maximum unit point cost is increased to 550
• Victory points achieved against Tomb Kings are decreased by 10%
• May generate up to 3 Power Dice
• Skeleton Archer models, max 80
• Neferra's Scrolls of Mighty Incantations can't be taken by model with Lore of Death

Vampire Counts
• Zombies, max 3 units and 120 models
• Ethereal Characters (max 2)/Ethereal units, max 3
• 2nd Crypt Horror unit/11+ Hexwraith models (max 20)/3+ Death spells in the army/Quickblood (only if combined with Red Fury), max 1
• Terrorgheist (max 1)/9+ Crypt Horror models (max 16)/1+ Banshees/Red Fury, max 2

Warriors of Chaos
• Exalted Hero on Daemonic Mount/Daemon Prince/one or more Core Chaos Chariots (max 3)/Skullcrusher unit, max 4
• Daemon Prince/Chimera, max 2
• 2nd Hellcannon/Lore of Death and/or Tzeentch in the army, max 1
• Third Eye of Tzeentch/Talisman of Preservation/Armour of Destiny, max 1 on the same model
• Chaos Armour/Soul Feeder/Dragonhelm/Dragonbane Gem/3+ Wizard levels/Daemon of Nurgle/Flying/Lore of Death or Nurgle, max 3 on the same Daemon Prince

Wood Elves (2700)
• Glade Guard models (excluding scouts), max 70
• All elves in the army have ASF (Wild Riders are Elves. This does not affect mounts)
• Spellsingers can use lore of life and lore of beasts
• Forest Spirit's Ward Save is not negated by Magical Attacks


  1. You say this is MORE comp than 2013, have you even looked at 2013 comp? So many new possibilities open now. Pretty much only daemons are more comped (for obvious reasons). I think they followed captains wishes for slightly less comp perfectly.

    1. Please identify yourself when commenting. Thanks.

      Yes I have seen the 2013 comp and we'll have to disagree. I think you'll find you are in a minority in thinking they followed the "captains wishes for slightly less comp perfectly".